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What is the “We Watch Wrestling” Podcast?

The “We Watch Wrestling” podcast is a weekly show where hosts talk about various aspects of wrestling. They cover different wrestling promotions, including WWE, AEW, and many others. The hosts share their thoughts on recent matches, upcoming events, and everything else related to the wrestling world.

Great for All Wrestling Fans

Whether you are new to wrestling or have been a fan for years, this podcast has something for everyone. The hosts’ discussions are informative and entertaining, making it easy to keep up with the wrestling scene and learn more about your favorite wrestlers and events.

Connect with Other Fans

Listening to the podcast is also a great way to connect with the wrestling community. The hosts often share stories and experiences from other fans, giving you a sense of being part of a larger group of wrestling enthusiasts.

Where to Listen

You can easily find the “We Watch Wrestling” podcast on various platforms online. If you’re also looking for a place to watch wrestling events, check out Watch Wrestling. This website streams live wrestling events, and you can catch up on any matches you might have missed. Just go to watchwrestling and start exploring.


The “We Watch Wrestling” podcast is an excellent resource for any wrestling fan. It keeps you updated, entertains you with fascinating wrestling insights, and connects you with the global wrestling community. So why not give it a listen and dive even deeper into the world of wrestling? Enjoy the discussions and stay on top of all things wrestling!

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