Should Kids Be Allowed to Watch TV Wrestling?

Understanding TV Wrestling

TV wrestling, like what you find on Watch Wrestling, is a mix of sports and entertainment. Wrestlers fight in matches that are planned out and safe, even though they look real and sometimes a bit scary. The wrestlers are like actors who perform their moves and tell a story in the ring.

Things to Consider for Kids

When deciding if kids should watch wrestling, there are a few things to think about:

  1. The Content: Wrestling shows can have fighting and some angry talk. It’s important to check if the show is right for your child’s age. Some wrestling might be too rough for younger kids.
  2. Understanding It’s Not Real: It’s key to explain to kids that wrestling is scripted, which means the fights and arguments are planned and not real. This helps them understand that they shouldn’t try these moves at home.
  3. Watching Together: If you decide to let your child watch wrestling, it’s a good idea to watch with them. This way, you can talk about what happens and make sure they know it’s just for fun and not to be copied.

Where to Watch

If you feel that your child is ready to watch wrestling, you can find kid-friendly matches on websites like watchwrestling. This site lets you choose from different wrestling events, so you can pick ones that are suitable for children.


Whether or not kids should watch TV wrestling depends on the child and the type of wrestling. By understanding the show’s content, explaining the scripted nature of wrestling, and choosing the right shows, parents can make wrestling a fun and safe entertainment option for their kids. Always remember, safety and understanding are key!

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